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Behavioral Congruency

30 Dec

Tried something new this morning…check it out:


Winning, and the Mind of a Child

26 Jul

We’ve been working with several local little league teams at the gym for the past few weeks. These kids range from about 9-12 years old, so the majority of what we do is just developing balance, coordination, and a capacity to move their own bodies. One thing I’ve noticed though is how all the coaches can’t wait to tell me about the tournaments the team just won, how many scoreless innings Timmy just threw, etc. The only thought going through my head the entire time is, “Who really gives a crap?”

Let’s take a step back and think about our own experiences as young athletes. Do you remember how many touchdowns you scored in Pop Warner? How many bases you stole for your little league team? How many tournament trophies you won with your AAU traveling team? Does any of it really matter 10 years down the road? No.

I’m a big fan of Brian Grasso’s philosophies on training young athletes. One of his major beliefs is that youth coaches need to be able to take a long-term approach to developing athletes. Maybe your team won 20 games this year, but how many kids on your team can do 10 perfect push ups? How many of them know how to RUN correctly? From what I’ve seen over the past month these numbers are staggeringly low.

We need to prepare young athletes for the FUTURE, not the present. It is our job as sport and strength coaches to make sure these kids are learning life long physical skills, not just quick fixes that might help them win next week’s championship. Encourage improvement, and let that be the motivating factor for kids instead of overall success. Allow them to learn, think creatively, and above everything else…HAVE FUN.

Can we please stop acting like the Little League World Series actually means anything?

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